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Why You Should Audit Your CRM Data

Audit Your CRM DataMarketing automation introduces extraordinary efficiencies to your B2B marketing strategy. Just don’t forget that activity in your marketing automation platform is tightly connected to the data in your CRM application.

To get the full benefit of both systems, you’ve got to make sure your contact data is up to date. Here’s how to audit your existing CRM data and clean up any issues before diving into marketing automation:

  • Standardize your data: Identify which CRM fields you needs – and which ones you don’t. Ideally, you will have the same data types for every contact so that you can target those contacts appropriately with your marketing automation software. After creating the standards, apply them to existing contacts in addition to using them for new ones.
  • Merge duplicates: According to some experts, bad CRM data could cost you up to $100 per record. Duplicate contacts can lead to inconsistent touchpoint histories and impede your ability to forge connections with valuable leads.
  • Fill in the gaps: Incomplete data can be just as detrimental as incorrect or duplicated data. For example, if you segment email lists based on a certain field from your CRM, that field must be complete for the right emails to reach the right contacts.

As a leading B2B marketing agency, we can help you integrate your CRM application with a marketing automation platform that works for your business. We also standardize and validate your data, so you avoid missed opportunities.