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Compared to Women, Men Share Shorter Content About Timely Topics

Men-Share-Shorter-ContentDo men and women share different kinds of content? You bet they do. In fact, men and women don’t just share different types of content – they tend to share different amounts of content, too.

That’s according to a recent report from Apester, a social gaming and online survey company. After analyzing data from over 250 million monthly page views, shares, and other engagement metrics, the company uncovered some interesting findings:

  • 23% of men shared content they encountered online vs. 40% of women who shared content.
  • Men were more likely than women to share timely, newsworthy content.
  • Content shared by men contained 17% less text than content shared by women.
  • An overwhelming majority of content shared by men was related to sports (48%) or world affairs (22%).

To distinguish between content being shared by men or women, Apester’s analysis focused on the types of content shared on male-oriented websites as opposed to female-oriented websites. Marketers should keep in mind that results are more suggestive than scientific. In some cases, women may have been sharing the content that appeared on male-oriented websites (and vice versa).

What do these insights mean for brands?

If your content targets a largely male audience, shoot for brevity. And if you can somehow tie your content to a recent topic in professional sports or world affairs, all the better.

To increase engagement with male audiences, start leveraging data (like this Apester analysis) about the types of content men are more likely to share with their networks. As a leading inbound marketing agency, KEO Marketing utilizes analytics and reporting to discover what kinds of content are most frequently shared – and by whom.


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