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Assessing the Quality of Your Backlink Profile

Assessing the Quality of Your Backlink ProfileTo achieve a high ranking in the search results, your website must earn backlinks from around the Web. The term “backlink” refers to links on other websites that link back to content on your website. While having more of them is better for SEO performance, the quality of your backlinks matters, too.

The best backlinks come from authoritative websites that cover the same subject matter as your own. If you’re publishing valuable content, sites like these will link to you in a way that Google and other search engines deem “natural.” Backlinks like these are good for your SEO.

To understand how a site might acquire high-quality backlinks, consider a tech company that builds software for the insurance industry. You can use an outreach building service which will help improve your backlinks and organic traffic a lot. When the company publishes a white paper about the biggest reasons for inefficient claim processing among US professional liability carriers, insurance professionals might start sharing links to the guide. Those backlinks would appear on insurance company websites and in other insurance-related publications. By publishing valuable content, the tech company earns backlinks from relevant websites, and its position in the search engine results is likely to climb.

Then there are “bad” backlinks, which are usually the product of an unscrupulous SEO agency. In an effort to acquire a large number of backlinks in a short period of time, some companies will purchase or create backlinks on several different websites even when those sites don’t contain relevant or valuable content themselves.

The typical result of this practice is a short-term spike in rankings followed by long-term penalties from Google and other search engines. Long story short: It will be up to you to identify all of the low-quality sites linking to yours and petition the webmasters to remove the links. In some cases, you could be forced to convince hundreds of webmasters to remove backlinks pointing to your website. The process could take months, costing you untold amounts of potential revenue as you work to regain your position in the search engine results.

Thankfully, these dubious backlinking tactics are becoming rarer as search engines improve their algorithms to assess backlink quality. At the same time, many organizations are trying to clean up the mess left behind by less-than-ethical SEO agencies that promised high rankings and delivered spammy backlink profiles. If you’re not sure whether your backlink profile is helping or harming you, Google Search Console can show you whether you need to perform “manual actions” to clean up questionable backlinks pointing to your website.

As a top SEO agency, we only build links on authoritative websites that contain relevant, valuable content – it’s the way we’ve always done it! When clients take advantage of our search engine optimization and link building services, they know we help increase organic traffic by publishing valuable content that people want to share. Our efforts generate high-quality backlinks, which is exactly what you need to improve your position in the search results.


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