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Online Advertising: Click-to-Call Boosts Conversions

Online AdvertisingDo you have “leaky” landing pages? Most businesses do, whether they realize it or not. Leaks refer to points or moments when visitors to your page will become distracted or frustrated and turn their attention elsewhere before converting or performing the action you are trying to get them to take. The goal for marketers should be to plug and eliminate as many potential leaks as possible, thus keeping visitors focused and increasing the odds that they will complete the desired action.

Most landing pages have multiple areas where leaks can occur. By analyzing and optimizing the landing page, you can maximize your conversion rates. Carefully studying your analytics can help you figure out where your leaks are, and how much of an impact they are having. Look at the data related to behavior, visitor actions and conversions.

Of course, one radical yet often very effective solution is to eliminate the landing page altogether. In many cases, it’s the landing page itself that is the source of the leaks. When a user encounters your ad, and then has to click through to a landing page, there is a high likelihood that you will lose them at this stage. This landing page essentially serves as a sort of holding pen where visitors hang out until they go to the next step, and many of them don’t have the patience or motivation to spend much time there.

There is a good way to solve this problem. An alternative to landing pages is using click-to-call buttons in your online advertising campaigns. The click-to-call extensions available in Google AdWords campaigns have become popular with marketers, likely because they realize the impressive payoff they can see from employing this tactic. Employing call-only campaigns streamlines the process significantly. Visitors can take immediate action, with much less opportunity to get distracted or grow frustrated. You create a shortcut where they can jump right over several of the typical steps in the process, and this lets you capture the lead quickly.

Business-to-business companies in particular are much more likely to convert a lead once you engage individually with a prospect and are able to talk to that person directly. By accelerating the process and taking a lead right to the call action, this process can help you greatly increase your interactions with leads, and ultimately boost your conversion rates.

Stepping up your social media advertising efforts is another way to generate leads while bypassing the landing page. Both Twitter and Facebook have been expanding and improving their advertising tools and options, so you have many choices as to how to connect with your target audience on those platforms.

As a top digital marketing agency, KEO Marketing can assist with all aspects of your digital marketing strategy, including advising you on the best tactics for your online advertising campaigns.