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B2B Content Should Provide Solutions and Connections

B2B Content Should Provide Solutions We were a bit surprised to spot a recent survey showing that only slightly more than 10 percent of marketers create their content with specific customers or targets in mind. To us, that seems like a huge oversight on the part of the other 90 percent. We consider this audience-targeting task to be a critical component of a content marketing strategy. In fact, this is one of the first and most important steps, and one that serves as the foundation for developing all of your content, including your online advertising messaging.

This approach can also provide an added bonus with regards to search engine optimization. Smart marketers know the value of matching content to align with long-tail keywords and questions. If your content is geared toward solving a problem, it’s more likely to incorporate the search queries or word strings people will use to seek that information. At the same time, you will also enjoy additional SEO benefits because Google favors relevant, high-value content.

You shouldn’t aim to be all things to all people. The goal isn’t to somehow figure out how to write something that the entire world will love. Instead, you must craft content geared specifically with your particular target audience in mind. The people who are looking for and at your content have certain questions and challenges, and they are hoping you can provide the answers. That’s exactly what you must do. And you must achieve that goal quickly and succinctly, with material that clearly demonstrates how you and your products or services can solve the visitor’s problem and make their life easier.

While you are evaluating and improving your content, there is something else to keep in mind. People like to feel a connection to the companies they support. This is especially true in the business-to-business sector, where one-on-one interactions and long-term relationships are vital to establishing trust with customers. It is difficult for customers to feel an emotional connection to a large, impersonal organization. Putting a face and personality on your business will help engage your audience, and will help leads and customers get a warm, connected feeling that makes them feel comfortable trusting you.

This is actually relatively easy to accomplish. Recruit a few members of your team to contribute to your blog or share tips and advice on your website. If you have one staff member who is particularly charismatic and outgoing, you can even choose just one person to be your unofficial “ambassador.” They may also want to serve as the named author for white papers or the main representative on your social media channels. Before long, your audience will start to feel connected to this person, and will look forward to seeing their updates and contributions.

This is all part of identifying the goals and priorities of your content marketing strategy. That’s something KEO Marketing can handle for you in our role as a B2B marketing agency.


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