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Inbound Marketing Takeaways for B2B Firms from Inbound15

Inbound Marketing Thousands of marketers recently convened in Boston for what is quickly becoming one of the can’t-miss events of the year. They were joined by crowds of assorted business people in all roles who are interested in learning about the latest techniques and smart strategies related to inbound marketing.

The event was Inbound15, the latest iteration of an annual event organized by HubSpot. The four-day event draws more than 10,000 attendees and features  five keynote speakers, 170 educational sessions and more marketing-related wisdom than you can possibly imagine stuffing all in one place.

The VIP names on the agenda for this year’s conference included Chelsea Clinton, Seth Godin, Daniel Pink and Aziz Ansari.

A major conference such as this one tends to be full of “lightbulb moments” and important takeaways, and this one certainly lived up to that expectation. There were too many useful lessons to include all of them here, but here are a few that really stood out.

If you aren’t remarketing, you’re losing out on customers and leads. This was the message stressed by Larry Kim, founder of Wordstream and internet marketing wizard. He noted that setting up remarketing campaigns on social media platforms takes very little time, but can offer a huge return on investment. He especially recommends this tactic for calls to action you would use to prompt conversions, such as downloading content or signing up for a newsletter. To maximize your remarketing efforts, Kim strongly advises finding ways to incorporate other tools such as behavioral targeting or demographic data.

Certain types of blog posts provide the biggest payoff by far. HubSpot presented the results from their major study of blogging, which analyzed blogging data from more than 15,000 businesses.  They found that certain types of posts, which they dubbed “compounding posts” accounted for a proportionally impressive account of traffic. Although these posts represented just 10 percent of all blog content, they were responsible for nearly 40 percent of all blog traffic. What are the elements that make for a compounding post? HubSpot identified a few common characteristics: broad topics with evergreen appeal, attention-getting headlines, visually interesting images, bulleted lists, outbound links and a moderate word count.

Buyers want to connect with a person. Technology can make many parts of the marketing process easier, but you must be careful not to rely upon it so heavily that interactions with leads and customers suffer. An automated system is no replacement for one-on-one conversations. Featured speaker Aziz Ansari discussed the overreliance on technology that can often cause business relationships to suffer. He noted that buyers connect much more with a specific person than they do with a faceless business entity. This is particularly relevant for business-to-business marketers, because B2B customers tend to make buying decisions more slowly and are very conscientious of forming connections at the companies with which they do business.

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