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Data is the Hidden Gem of Digital Marketing

Data is the Hidden Gem of Digital Marketing Like other aspects of marketing, digital marketing revolves around content these days. We have repeatedly stressed the importance of a robust, well-planned content marketing strategy that includes high-quality information presented in a variety of formats and shared across numerous platforms. This content then serves as the foundation of your marketing strategy, and the engine that powers all of your digital marketing efforts, from online advertising to blog posts.

While most businesses have by now realized the importance of well-written content, there is one specific type of content that is still not yet widely embraced. Yet for those savvy marketers who have realized its value, this format has proven to be extremely beneficial.

We’re talking about data. For those who may not get excited about data, we are pretty sure your mindset will change when you learn how popular this content, when presented in the right way, is with your audience.

In the world of media, data journalism is hot right now. Entire websites and online publications are dedicated to interpreting data and presenting it in an endless assortment of creative ways. They have found that this material tends to grab the attention of readers, particularly when packaged in a visual way that catches the attention of even the most impatient mobile users with short attention spans.

For marketers, the same thing holds true. Only in your case, readers translate to potential buyers. You too are trying to get the attention of busy people who are scrolling through lots of information, likely on a mobile device. Your content must stand out, and one great way to do that is to find a few pieces of surprising or interesting data and package it in a fun or creative way.

Infographics are one of the most popular approaches to sharing data-based content. This allows plenty of room for creativity and the use of visually interesting graphics and design styles. As a bonus, they are easily sharable, which makes them a great asset to use in social media platforms, email campaigns and other digital channels.

If you can compile or dig up a few pertinent stats related to your industry or the products/services you offer, this is a great way to create totally unique content. Strategically employing keywords and incorporating search engine optimization when you post it will ensure that people will be led to your data content when they search for information on that topic. That can establish you as the go-to authority on that subject, and can also help you quickly gain visibility and brand recognition when that content is shared.

In the B2B realm especially, establishing your company leader(s) as an expert and thought leader can be valuable to establish trust and credibility, both of which are important factors to potential buyers.

KEO Marketing can develop creative content materials for you, and then incorporate those into your digital marketing strategy.


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