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Webinars Still a Vital Part of Content Marketing

Webinars Still a Vital Part of Content Marketing Content marketing is becoming an increasingly critical part of the marketing strategy for all businesses. While it is great to keep up on the latest strategies and embrace new types of content such as ebooks, you don’t want to underestimate the power of a long-time staple, the webinar.

Many B2B marketers have found that webinars can be a very effective way to nurture and convert leads, particularly those in the mid-range of the conversion journey. Research by the Content Marketing Institute found that marketers cited webinars as among their 12 most frequently used tactics, and in the top five most effective tactics.

Webinars are a cost-effective tactic, since they are much more affordable to produce than a live event. They also offer ultimate convenience for your attendees, who can participate virtually from wherever they happen to be. Providing a recording of your webinar after it is done can further widen your audience, as those who were unable to join in live can watch the replay later.

A webinar can be a great way to demonstrate a product, or educate prospects and customers about products or important topics related to your industry. They can also be used for training, in helping your audience learn trips and tricks for getting the most out of your products or services. You can even use webinars as a way for your leadership to speak to prospects and customers, sharing their insights or presenting case studies and best practices relevant to your market.

One of the great things about webinars is that they can give you a way to speak directly to the audience, and perhaps even interact with them in real time if you include a question-and-answer segment in your event. This helps you make a stronger connection with leads, as opposed to just posting a video or presentation on your website. Incorporating polls or surveys into your webinar lets you gauge the audience’s interest and find out what they want to know about most, so you can even adjust your content on the fly if needed.

Webinars require a time investment on the part of the attendees, so you must persuade leads that this will be high-value content that is relevant to them. Many of the leads you target will be reluctant to commit to this event and squeeze it into their busy schedule, so you will need to work hard to make a strong case as to why they should attend, and the benefits they will get out of it.

As with any other element of your content marketing strategy, you want to pinpoint specific goals for each webinar early in the planning stage. You may want to plan several webinars, each specifically tailored to leads at certain points of the sales funnel. It’s also important to evaluate how webinars fit into your overall marketing strategy, and how they can support and enhance your other content offerings.

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