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Great Customer Experience Still Key in B2B Marketing

Customer Experience Still Key in B2B MarketingThanks to social media, email and other high-tech tactics, we now have more ways than ever to connect with leads and customers. The downside: the more communication options we have, and the more automated those processes become, the less personal attention we can give to each person we contact.

Yes, personalization is becoming increasingly important in marketing processes, particularly with regards to email. But even the most robust marketing automation systems still have their limits. No high-tech system can fully replicate the experience of a personal phone call or one-on-one communication.

This is why it is critical for marketers not to lose sight of what should be their single most important priority: providing the best possible customer experience. This frequently involves interacting personally with a prospect several times along the conversion journey, and then of course continuing to provide excellent service once a prospect becomes a customer.

Think about it: your most positive and memorable interactions as a customer have probably involved a staff member who took the time to help you with a problem, or who made sure you knew that they valued your business. That’s exactly the experience you want your customers to have.

Automated tools and tech-based processes can be a very efficient way to connect with a large audience quickly, and also help you implement a long-term communication strategy that involves numerous steps along the way. But you must be able to determine when it is time for you to connect personally with a prospect or customer. And then you must use that opportunity to provide terrific service.

In this age of social media and impersonal communications that often don’t involve any interaction with another human being at all, the personal touch stands out even more.

The experience a prospect or customer has with someone at your company will likely make a lasting impression, so you must ensure that this is a positive experience. Don’t let high-tech tactics distract you from providing good service. This is especially critical in the business-to-business realm. The B2B conversion process tends to move more slowly, and connections and relationships often play a crucial role. Spending the time to build a personal rapport with a client or prospect can pay off with a big return on your investment.

This reiterates the importance of ensuring that marketing, sales and customer service are all aligned and work together to coordinate a consistent, seamless approach to customer service and engaging with leads or customers. If marketing makes promises that customer-facing teams fail to deliver, the experience will be disappointing for the customer.

All areas of the business must make customer service the top priority, and then all of your marketing tactics and communications should support that ultimate goal.

KEO Marketing can help you plan and implement a customer-centric marketing strategy, one that supports the goal of customer satisfaction.


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