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Digital Marketing: Connecting with Your Community

Connecting with Your Community One of the most important things business-to-business marketers can do to see a great return on investment for their social media efforts is figure out how to identify and communicate with their community.

In digital marketing terms, your “community” refers to the people who are interested in your company, products or work. On social media, these would be your followers and fans. They would also be your email newsletter subscribers and people on any of your other mailing lists. Colleagues and peers would also fall into this group, and would already be among your digital tribe if they connect with you on LinkedIn or any other online channel. Current and former customers are VIPs among your community, but prospects are also extremely important.

Digital marketing all boils down to engagement with your community.

Many B2B marketers get their priorities mixed up when it comes to community. They focus mainly on getting their numbers as high as possible, doing whatever they can to boost their number of fans and followers. While it is certainly nice to have a large community, that shouldn’t be your primary focus. This is a situation where quality is much more important than quantity.

Having lots of followers doesn’t do you much good if few of them pay attention to what you say or are likely to convert. With B2B particularly, it is much more important that your community be comprised of people who are interested in you and what you have to say, and are motivated to learn more or take action.

Rather than trying to speak to the general public, address issues and topics that are most relevant to your target customers. The depth of social media demographic data available now lets you learn quite a lot about your current community, and this will be valuable insight in helping you guide your messaging. To strategically expand your audience, you can also use those demographic criteria to plan your social media advertising campaigns to reach your ideal prospects.

Once you have identified your community and know who they are and what matters to them, you can then tailor your content and social media messaging to align with the interests and motivations of that specific group. And if you really want to know what they’re interested in, why not just ask them? A survey, poll or open-ended discussion question is a great way to spark conversations and boost participation among your community.

As with any sort of content marketing strategy, it isn’t just what you say, it’s how you say it. This means paying attention to how you format the content. Infographics and short chunks of content tend to be popular on social media, especially since they are easy to digest on the small screens of mobile devices. You also want to put some thought into the timing of your content. Studying your traffic analytics can help you determine when the bulk of your followers are paying attention, so you can time posts to capitalize on that trend.

You also want to study the metrics related to content you have already posted. Over time, you will likely be able to spot patterns showing which types of content tend to get the best reaction.

These efforts in specifically focusing on the needs and interests of your primary target audience will increase the odds of converting leads and prospects, while also keeping current customers engaged.

The great thing is, by focusing on providing great content and engaging with the community you have, you will most likely see your numbers grow as a result of these efforts, even though that wasn’t your main objective.

You need a top internet marketing company with expertise in digital campaigns to help you best connect with your online community, and that’s something KEO Marketing can handle for you.

Christian Lowery

Christian has over 5 years of experience in social media content creation, curation and management. He is passionate about thoughtful, creative branding and storytelling, and enjoys helping companies develop a strategic social media strategy. In addition to social media management, he is an experienced photographer and copywriter for many B2B and B2C brands. His understanding of consumer outreach and engagement, along with his eye for design, helps our clients target new customers, re-position themselves in the marketplace, or strengthen their existing audience.