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Using Analytics to Get Higher ROI from Remarketing

Using Analytics to Get Higher ROI from Remarketing Remarketing is one of the most popular tactics for online advertising campaigns. It can also be among the most effective, when implemented correctly.

Not all leads are created equal then it comes to remarketing. The fact is, not everyone who visits your site or interacts with your brand will convert, no matter what you do. Spending time chasing these dead end prospects will result in wasting valuable time and resources.

Fortunately, there is a great tool that can help you laser focus your remarketing efforts on the prospects who are most likely to be worthwhile.  That tool is the data available via Analytics. Adjusting a few settings in your remarketing campaign criteria is a simple move that can make a big difference.

The key is to identify the factors that will most help you weed out the targets that are very unlikely to convert. One category in the behavior section that you should look at is time spent on your website. Visitors who quickly leave your website within a few seconds after arrival probably aren’t very interested in your company, and may even have landed there by mistake. Set your parameters to include visitors with a session duration of at least 30 seconds.

If there are specific regions where you really want to boost sales or connect with prospects, you can use the geographic options to remarket based on location.

You can also filter your data based on specific pages and the content contained within them. You will likely be able to identify certain pages where the traffic may not necessarily represent motivated leads who are interested in buying your products. This could include your job listing pages.

You also have a new tool at your disposal in making your remarketing campaigns more efficient. Last year, Google introduced a new featured called Smart Lists. If you haven’t already started using these for your remarketing campaigns, you should make that a top priority. To explain, Smart Lists is a process in which Google Analytics uses machine learning to analyze your conversion data and identify those users who are most likely to convert at some point in the future. You can then use Smart Lists in your Remarketing Audience settings to tailor your remarketing efforts.

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