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Email Marketing Still Effective But Evolving

Email Marketing Still Effective But Evolving As we have said here quite a few times recently, email continues to be an effective marketing channel for those who know how to use it well.

The latest Email Marketing Industry Census (based on results gathered in January and February of this year) shows that email continues to be a leading channel for delivering return on investment. Its role is evolving, though. Rather than being just a single line of communication, or simply the inbox-connected pathway to get customers’ attention, email is now viewed as both an entry point and supporting tool that powers a multi-channel marketing strategy.

For channels measured based on ROI, the census found that email is at the top, tied with search engine optimization. However, while some companies are seeing impressive results from email, others are struggling to figure out how to best take advantage of this channel. One factor that seems to play a big impact in the outcome: the ability to devote specific staff members, along with sufficient resources, solely to focusing on email marketing. When team members must handle email campaigns along with many other tasks, the results generally suffer.

Not surprisingly, the role of mobile also continues to grow. Marketers who are able to optimize email campaigns for mobile are seeing a big payoff for their efforts.

These findings only prove what we have already stated. While marketers may be distracted by the latest tactics that seem new and exciting, they shouldn’t underestimate the great potential that email still represents. Those who invest the time and energy to analyze their email strategies and adapt to today’s mobile-centered landscape will likely enjoy surprisingly positive returns.

The best part is that updating your approach to email involves many of the same channels you use (or should be using) for other channels, specifically content and web design. You want to think mobile-friendly, which means short, powerful chunks of content and calls to action that grab attention and are convenient for mobile users.

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