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B2B Marketing: Significant Shift Towards Online Solutions

B2B Marketing: Significant Shift Towards Online Solutions A recent report from Forrester blared what initially sounded like a fatal finding for B2B operations. The big takeaway from the report was the prediction that one million B2B salespeople will lose their jobs by the year 2020. On the surface, that certainly seems like terrible, depressing news. Granted, it isn’t great news for those who are currently in traditional B2B sales roles.

However, for those willing to dig a bit deeper into the data, there is a silver living, along with a huge potential opportunity.

Turns out, the reason all of those salespeople may soon be out of a job is because the strong trend in B2B right now is the demand by customers for do-it-yourself online systems that allow them to find what they need and initiate transactions without having to actually deal with a representative. These customers want the convenience of getting information or assistance whenever they need it, from wherever they happen to be (and with any device they may be using).

This reiterates the need for B2B companies to focus on several of the things we have been strongly recommending lately: a robust and well-planned content program, a responsive website that accommodates mobile users, and a convenient and efficient e-commerce system that enables self-service.

Like just about everyone else today, B2B customers have grown accustomed to having everything at their fingertips, and want to be able to take simple actions with immediate results. By creating content that helps prospects research products or services, in conjunction with a website and e-commerce system that then lets them order what they need or submit a request, you deliver the convenience your customers demand.

B2B marketing now heavily relies upon digital channels, supported by valuable content and an efficient ordering system. Companies that make it a priority to create a system that incorporates all of those elements will likely thrive in this modern, mobile landscape.

KEO Marketing can create and manage a comprehensive B2B marketing strategy that includes content development, responsive design and an efficient ecommerce system.


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