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Email Marketing Can Be Profitable with Big Data

Email Marketing Can Be Profitable with Big DataEmail marketing has been around since, well, the invention of email. In marketing terms, that might as well be forever. New, shiny toys like social media and mobile marketing are now getting a lot of attention, so it can be tempting for marketers to forget about email or put it on the back burner.

It can certainly be wise to embrace new tactics and stay current on the very latest tools, but smart marketers create a comprehensive strategy that employs a variety of tactics (both old and new) working together in the most efficient way.

Email should definitely have a prominent role in that mix. While it may not be as flashy as some of the newer tactics, it can offer a return on investment that is tough to beat. Direct Marketing News recently cited figures from that showed for each dollar spent on email marketing in 2014, the average return was around $44.25.

The resurgence of email is due in large part to Big Data, and marketers who are seeing a great payoff for their email efforts are likely doing a good job of utilizing data in deploying their email campaigns. Big Data is of course one of the latest hot buzzwords in marketing, and it refers to the huge amount of various types of data related to customers and prospects that are now available to businesses. This includes information about their location, demographics, purchase habits, online behavior and more.

This data can be a valuable asset to marketers in many different ways.  With regards to email campaigns, this can make a big difference in determining whether your messages get deleted or opened and read. Tracking data and using it to guide your email communications lets you personalize your messages and tailor them according to the recipients’ specific motivations, interests and position in the buying cycle. You can also use this information to determine the best timing for your communications, and the best call to action for your audience.

Most experts agree that personalization and an individual approach are the keys to a successful email campaign today, and knowing how to best take advantage of data is a critical part of that process.

We know the importance of personalization and using all available data to best plan and coordinate a successful email campaign. Let KEO Marketing help with all of your email marketing challenges.