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Twitter and Google Deal Means Wider Audience for Tweets

Twitter and Google Deal Means Wider Audience for Tweets A recently agreement between Twitter and Google will now allow tweets to be visible in real time via Google searches.

Tweets mostly disappeared from search results several years ago, after the previous deal between Google and Twitter expired. Up until now, tweets weren’t automatically funneled into the Google system and instead required the search engine to actively retrieve them by periodically crawling Twitter. Thanks to this new agreement, tweets will now be available via Google searches immediately after they are posted.

This has important ramifications for marketers because it will mean that tweets, including ads in the form of promoted tweets, will have a much wider audience and will be visible to people even when they aren’t logged onto Twitter. This offers the potential for much more exposure for advertised content.

There is also some indication that having links to your website content included in tweets may also help Google “see” these pages more quickly, so they can show up in search results sooner.

Now that tweets will be more prevalent among search results, it seems likely that Google will soon implement some algorithm to determine how specific tweets should rank among search results. We are guessing this would depend at least in part on how relevant and interesting the tweet appears to be. In other words, engagement and activity will be important factors. This gives marketers additional incentive to carefully develop their Twitter content (whether sponsored or not) with a goal of prompting replies and engagement. Building a network of followers and connections that will like and retweet your posts is also very helpful.

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Christian Lowery

Christian has over 5 years of experience in social media content creation, curation and management. He is passionate about thoughtful, creative branding and storytelling, and enjoys helping companies develop a strategic social media strategy. In addition to social media management, he is an experienced photographer and copywriter for many B2B and B2C brands. His understanding of consumer outreach and engagement, along with his eye for design, helps our clients target new customers, re-position themselves in the marketplace, or strengthen their existing audience.