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LinkedIn Adds Display Network and Lead Gen Suite

LinkedIn Adds Display Network and Lead Gen SuiteLinkedIn has just unveiled a new suite of products aimed at business-to-business (B2B) marketers, and it looks like this could mean big things for marketers, especially those looking to maximize their online marketing budgets.

Ever since the social media channel acquired B2B marketing firm Bizo last summer, there has been heavy speculation of a big push to attract more of the B2B crowd. Marketers and industry watchers have been eagerly waiting to see what new services and products would be rolled out, and this appears to be the first major development in that area.

The new suite of tools is designed to help B2B companies use LinkedIn to generate and nurture high-quality leads in a cost-efficient way. One highlight of the lead gen suite is Lead Accelerator, designed to enable specific, accurate targeting so that messaging is carefully distributed to the ideal audience at the best time.

In addition, LinkedIn has also greatly expanded its display ad network, now known as LinkedIn Network Display. Previously visible only within the LinkedIn platform, the new display ad network now allows ads to be visible both on LinkedIn and across a network of thousands of publisher sites, so users will have consistent and continuous exposure to ads as they go along their online journey. This is similar to the approach currently used by Facebook, and also by Google via the Google Display Network. However, while Facebook primarily targets the consumer crowd, LinkedIn will obviously be aiming at businesses, and says their advantage is their ability to allow for targeting based on business roles and marketing-related goals.

Collectively referred to by LinkedIn as the Marketing Solutions Platform, the lead gen suite and expanded display ad network are designed to work together as one comprehensive solution for B2B marketers. This also signifies a major emphasis on attracting the B2B crowd, and it is likely there is much more on the horizon.

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Christian Lowery

Christian has over 5 years of experience in social media content creation, curation and management. He is passionate about thoughtful, creative branding and storytelling, and enjoys helping companies develop a strategic social media strategy. In addition to social media management, he is an experienced photographer and copywriter for many B2B and B2C brands. His understanding of consumer outreach and engagement, along with his eye for design, helps our clients target new customers, re-position themselves in the marketplace, or strengthen their existing audience.