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Social Media: Dark Social Offers Valuable Data

Social Media: Dark Social Offers Valuable DataIn the quest to access a greater number of high-value leads, you might say that many marketers are venturing over into the dark side. That’s because they are excited about the prospect of gaining entry to dark social data.

The term “dark social” is relatively new, and might also be thought of as “incognito social.” It refers to social traffic originating from sources that were previously difficult or impossible to track, such as email, messaging apps and mobile tools. Since this realm is believed to represent a much larger segment of traffic than that on traditionally trackable sources, it’s no wonder that marketers are eager to get access to this data.

But it’s not so much the quantity of data as the quality of this information that represents the true potential jackpot for marketers. These shared links occur as part of a more personalized interaction, an individual exchange from someone the recipient knows and trusts. For marketers, it’s like getting a sneak peek into authentic word-of-mouth recommendations, the information people share privately and directly among friends and trusted contacts.

The private nature of this type of information sharing made it inherently hard for marketers or other outsiders to observe or track. But new tools are gradually offering ways to record and monitor some of this activity. Trackable codes inserted in urls by vendors or content publishers are one helpful tactic. Instant messaging platforms are also starting to implement tools to allow for tracking of links shared via their services.

Data derived from tracking dark social activity will prove highly valuable for marketers in targeting and personalizing their messaging and ad campaigns. This can take targeting to a whole new level, giving marketers insight into what might best engage a particular user before that person takes any action at all.

The door to dark social data has just begun to open, but things will happen quickly as marketers gain increasing access to this information. Marketers would be wise to start thinking about how they will incorporate this into their online marketing strategy now. KEO Marketing can help with this and all aspects of your online advertising campaigns.

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