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Online Advertising: Retargeting for Maximum ROI

Retargeting for Maximum ROITo get the best return on your investment for online advertising campaigns, make retargeting a high priority. Retargeting means tracking the actions and interests of individual visitors or prospects, and then using that insight to show those people ads most likely to interest them.

Retargeting effectively requires a delicate balancing act. The basic concept of retargeting means you are following a prospect all around the internet. Yet at the same time, you don’t want it to become creepy, to the point where that person starts to feel like they have a stalker trailing their every move. One solution to this problem is to carefully set your campaign limits with regards to frequency, so as to avoid overwhelming targets with too many ads.

Adjusting the look of your ads can also keep people from getting that feeling of déjà vu. Ideally, try to mix up the messages and tag lines. Even if the basic messaging is the same (or very similar), having an assortment of different designs of varied colors, sizes and layouts can prevent the ads from seeming too repetitive. At the same time, you should be constantly watching your analytics and monitoring results for the different iterations of similar ads, so you can identify the best performers.

You can even use retargeting with existing customers as an “upsell” strategy, by showing them ads for services or products that complement or expand their prior purchases. For customers of ongoing services or plans with a term limit, coordinating the messaging to align with the target’s upcoming deadlines can also be a smart move.

Not surprisingly, the hottest trend in retargeting involves mobile. As people add more gadgets to their daily routine, it is important that you are able to follow them across multiple devices. Social media helps in this area, as social logins make it easier to track people online no matter what device they may be using at a given time. Further assisting this effort, Twitter recently added capabilities that allow for retargeting based on app usage, in addition to website visits and other activities.

KEO Marketing can help with retargeting and all other aspects of your online advertising strategy.