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Marketer’s Guide to Blending Search and Display

Marketer’s Guide to Blending Search and Display   KEO Marketing, a leading B2B marketing agency, recently published a report entitled “Marketer’s Guide: How to Leverage a Strategic Mix of Search and Display Advertising for Maximum ROI.” This report discusses the evolution of the two online advertising channels, and explains why it is important for marketers to develop a comprehensive strategy that best combines both venues.

A few important statistics to consider:

  • Search for related brand terms saw an average lift of 278% among consumers exposed to display advertising. (Specific Media)
  • Almost as many internet users respond to display ads by performing a search on a search engine (27%) as those who click on the ad itself (31%). (iProspect)
  • A study conducted by Microsoft found that display drove nearly two-thirds more Top-of-Mind Awareness than Search, while Search was better able to provide more “meaningful information.” When combined, Search + Display delivered optimal results. (Microsoft)

For business to business (B2B) marketers, it is critical to ensure that they use their valuable time and resources most efficiently. They can accomplish this by carefully planning an online strategy that perfectly blends search and display in a way that allows each channel to support and drive the other.

A Powerful Combination

Search and display are each vital components of a successful online advertising strategy. Blending them together in a carefully-planned way creates a formula with the highest potential payoff. This is truly a case where the combination is greater than the sum of its parts, because each tactic has strengths that can be a valuable asset supporting the other. Smart marketers see ways to connect the two channels to form a continuous and seamless audience experience for maximum content exposure.

The Best of Both Worlds

New developments in both search and display have eliminated some of the limitations each channel may have had in the past, while also offering a wealth of new opportunities for marketers who strategically combine the two. For example, timing can be tricky when it comes to search, particularly in the B2B realm, where the conversion journey tends to move slowly. Display ads can step in to ensure that your brand stays at top of mind, so you are the first name those users think of when they are able to take action.

Display ads can serve as a valuable tool in the lead conversion process, especially now that sophisticated tools allow for smart ad placement to help you time the appearance of your ad to coincide with where particular users are in the buying or decision-making cycle.

Retargeting Offers a Laser-Like Focus

The advent of retargeting opened up previously unimaginable possibilities for marketers and their online advertising campaigns. The most effective retargeting plan encompasses both search and display in a way that gives marketers the ability to sharpen the focus and distribution of their ads, targeting people who would be most likely to have interest in that specific content.

Download the Marketer’s Guide, How to Leverage a Strategic Mix of Search and Display Advertising for Maximum ROI, today.

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