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Google Continues to Enhance the Knowledge Graph

Google Continues to Enhance the Knowledge Graph As Google continues to expand and enhance its Knowledge Graph system, this tool is becoming increasingly important to businesses and the people seeking information about them.

For those unfamiliar with the term, you likely have already seen the Knowledge Graph in action many times, even if you didn’t know what it is called. This is that “bonus” box of extra information you often see to the right of the screen when you do a Google search. The Knowledge Graph can have an impact on businesses and publishers, because this is information a potential customer will see immediately upon doing a search, before they ever actually visit a website.

Google says the Knowledge Graph process makes search results more helpful by providing additional information to the user, sometimes including things they didn’t even consider asking about. It also increases the intuitive nature of search results, as it determines what information to display based partly on what other people have searched for previously.

The Knowledge Graph panel and the information contained within it continues to expand, as Google gathers more information about specific topics and what people seem to want to know about them. One area of expansion is the inclusion of social media links. In the past, the panel included social media links mainly for celebrities and well-known personalities. Recently, though, Google began displaying social media links for corporate brands, as well. If your social media information is incorrect or not showing up at all, there is structured data markup you can add to your website to ensure Google displays this information.

You can’t directly access the Knowledge Graph system, but you can have considerable input into what shows up there. Google pulls the information for that panel via two methods. One, as mentioned above, is structured data. The other is by scraping actual text contained on your website. It’s important that you make sure the two sources of information complement each other by providing the same information and signals to the Google system.

This is another reason why it is so important to constantly monitor and review the content contained on your website(s). If any of this information is outdated, incorrect or cannot be properly read by Google’s systems, the material displayed in the Knowledge Graph panel may be incorrect.

KEO Marketing can help with website content, search engine optimization and other factors that will impact the information displayed in the Knowledge Graph panel for your brand.


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