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Benefits of Linking AdWords and Analytics

AdWords and Analytics, both among the most popular services offered by Google, can each be valuable tools for B2B marketers. Taken separately, they have their own individual strengths and potential payoffs. It’s when you put them together, though, that you can realize the true benefits.

We suspect most business-to-business (B2B) marketers have been using Google Analytics for a long time now. And for those who haven’t, we strongly suggest you start doing so ASAP. A basic Analytics account is free, although many businesses end up spending quite a bit on staff hours or vendor fees to have someone implement this system and then monitor and interpret their metrics.

Still, it is considered almost a mandatory component of any online advertising or marketing strategy these days. At the most basic level, the Analytics dashboard provides helpful data about who is visiting your site, how long those visitors are staying and what they are doing while they are there. Digging deeper, you can discover a wealth of valuable insights about where your visitors are located, how they are finding your site and even specific demographic characteristics about the type of users who are interacting with your site.

Most likely, businesses that are running AdWords campaigns already have an Analytics account and have linked the two. But for those who haven’t, or who have but aren’t sure if they are getting the most out of that match-up, we have some tips to use this partnership to its full potential.

Here are just a few examples of how you can get the most out of your linked AdWords and Analytics accounts:

  • Create custom remarketing lists. You can put together very specific lists based on Analytics segmentations such as page views or goal completions.
  • Use Benchmarking to see how you rate. This can help you see how you are performing in relation to competitors, and what your target goals should be.
  • Auto-tag your ads. That allows for more richly detailed Analytics reports.

For more tips and examples of how best to use the combination of AdWords and Analytics, check out the new Best Practices guide that Google just released.

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