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Email Marketing: Amazon Launches Workmail

Email Marketing: Amazon Launches Workmail Amazon seems to be particularly interested in catering to business customers, as it has made continued efforts recently to enhance and expand its suite of business products. The latest addition: Workmail, an email and calendar service. This service is designed solely for work-related communication, not for personal use.

Obviously, this new mail service faces stiff competition from other, well-established email services. Namely, Microsoft, the reigning king, and Google, whose Gmail is becoming the increasingly popular option in that realm. This suite of Amazon products will seem very familiar to those accustomed to web-based workplace tools from those other two companies, as it includes a group of services and tools designed to work as one big package: document storage, calendars, contact lists and now workplace email.

Convenience is a big draw for this service. Since the Workmail system is cloud-based, users can access their mail from anywhere, on any device. Security is a big concern for business users, of course, so there are a number of security controls built into the system.

To keep things more comfortable and easier to use, Workmail can be accessed using popular email clients such as Outlook. It is simple to set up, and the use of existing email clients eliminates any sort of learning curve involved in mastering a new system. Businesses don’t need to implement a new email client, and may be able to avoid the need for an in-house server since mail is handled in the cloud.

The service is currently only available in preview mode in the U.S., with a full rollout planned for the near future.

What does this mean for marketers? In the early stages, Workmail is likely to appeal most to smaller businesses and those who are anxious about their in-house IT and email security systems. Other companies may be slower to embrace a new email service, especially if they have become comfortable with using Gmail and the complementary Google services.

In the longterm, assuming the initial response to Workmail is positive, this could offer a convenient way for marketers to condense all of their email communications and related tasks into one central location, with setting and controls that address all of their pain points and top priorities.

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