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Mobile Makes Cross-Device Tracking Essential

Mobile Makes Cross-Device Tracking Essential We have discussed the explosion of mobile device usage frequently here, and that huge shift in how people are accessing information will force marketers to change the way they track and connect with their target audiences.

Marketers have long known the value of recognizing contacts and users. This is a valuable tool in tracking an individual’s preferences and interests, and helps you recognize a repeat visitor. You can then show messaging and ads targeted to that particular viewer.

In the past, visitor tracking was done via cookies that tracked people’s actions when using a desktop computer. These days, cookies are almost becoming obsolete now that many people use their desktops less and less, or perhaps not at all.

Most people are no longer tied to just one device, and often juggle a variety of different devices throughout the day.  For marketers, this means you must recognize that the conversion journey usually involves a path that travels across a number of venues and devices. It’s no longer enough just to identify and target specific users or visitors. You must now be able to track and follow them as they switch from one device to another.

This is particularly important when it comes to retargeting. You want to be able to track the ads a particular person has seen (on any device) so you can determine where they are in the buying cycle and which messages would best connect with them right now. You also want to be able to personalize the message as best you can. At the same time, you want to avoid bombarding a user with repeats of ads they have already seen. That is not only annoying to the user, but it causes you to waste your valuable advertising dollars.

Cross-device tracking also helps you provide a seamless, unified experience to a particular customer or prospect no matter what device they may be using at a given time.

Recognizing the importance of cross-device tracking is an important first step, but it’s only half the battle. You then need to figure out exactly how you will track users across their devices. There are a number of tools and tactics for this. One of the most popular is to use social logins. You can also ask customers to create and use a login for your own site and related apps.

For guidance in how best to use cross-tracking or any other aspect of your mobile marketing strategy, KEO Marketing can help.


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