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Why You Should Upgrade to Universal Analytics Now

Upgrade to Universal Analytics Now Marketers and webmasters who haven’t yet made the switch to Universal Analytics will likely want to stop procrastinating and complete that process now.

Universal Analytics is basically the new and improved version of Google Analytics. It is designed to address the issues, challenges and needs created by today’s online landscape where people are accessing websites from many types of devices in lots of different locations.

By transitioning to Universal Analytics, you will be upgrading to a much more robust and sophisticated tool that offers many more features as opposed to what will now be considered the “classic” version of Analytics. You will have access to more reporting features and a variety of custom dimensions and metrics. Universal has three new data collection methods, designed to encompass virtually any type of venue visitors may use to access your content, including websites, mobile devices and even game consoles.

The expanded configuration options let you tailor your settings without changing your code. You can now control settings such as organic search sources, referral exclusions and search term exclusions right from your Admin dashboard.

From a technical standpoint, implementation is easier because the tracking code is more flexible and easier to incorporate on a variety of different levels.

Since the upgrade to Universal Analytics is free and gives you the ability to take advantage of the expanded tools and features, there really is no reason to put it off. Upgrading involves a two-step process, which Google outlines on their developers’ blog. We’d also include a third step, which is to adjust and configure your settings to ensure you are collecting all the data you need.

If you haven’t already transferred to Universal Analytics, this upgrade will happen automatically at some point. The reason why it is so important that you be proactive about this is because if you don’t implement the new tracking code, you will risk losing access to some valuable data.

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