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Twitter Improves Harassment Reporting Process

Twitter Improves Harassment ReportingTwitter has announced changes that will make it easier for users to report cases of harassment or abuse on the network.

In a blog post entitled, “Building a Safer Twitter,” company reps said they are “improving the reporting process to make it much more mobile-friendly, require less initial information, and, overall, make it simpler to flag Tweets and accounts for review.” A video demonstration accompanying the blog post shows the reporting process being completed easily and quickly via a mobile phone.

This move seems to be at least partly motivated by an effort to do damage control, as the service has come under fire recently after several high-profile incidents involving Twitter-based harassment or abuse.

The company said it is also making it easier by bystanders, meaning people who witness abusive behavior but aren’t the direct target, to also make a report.

In addition, Twitter is expanding its “block” function, providing users with a specific page where they can keep track of any accounts they have blocked. Another change: blocked users will no longer be able to see tweets or profiles of people who have blocked them.

The blog post didn’t provide a lot of exact specifics about the changes to the harassment reporting system, but said it’s an ongoing process with more updates on the horizon including additional user controls, further improvements to reporting and new enforcement procedures for abusive accounts. The updates will be rolled out gradually, and should be available to all users within the next few weeks.

We of course applaud anything that helps make the web a safer and more comfortable environment for all users. We don’t expect this harassment reporting process to have much of any impact on marketers, who should already be making it a priority to avoid negative actions by anyone representing their brand, including anything that could be viewed as harassment on Twitter or elsewhere.

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