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Social Marketing: Use Facebook Ads with Caution

Use Facebook Ads with CautionB2B marketers have been slower and more cautious about embracing Facebook as a marketing tool than their B2C counterparts, but the social network can be a helpful tool when used strategically.

Facebook has been stepping up its efforts to become more attractive to all marketers, and new features such as those that support audience targeting can help marketers get the best results from their sponsored posts and Facebook ads.

For B2B marketers, Facebook tends to be useful not so much as a direct marketing venue, but more of a tool for which you can share content or to make and nurture connections that can then encourage leads and customers to take the next step and reach out or request information.

Toward that goal, the relatively new custom audiences tool on Facebook can give marketers a way to better target and customize their approach. This feature lets B2B marketers use the information they already know about customers or prospects to better target the Facebook ads they direct towards those contacts.

Facebook has also been strongly encouraging marketers to use in-stream ads (paid messages that flow into users’ news feeds). That’s no surprise, since this has proven to be a very profitable revenue stream to the company. During a recent earnings report, Facebook reps credited in-stream content and other advertising as a large reason for their current revenues which have hit the $1 billion per month mark.

In-stream advertising might be seen as “content meets social,” as it’s a way to subtly work your ad into a source of content your audience already follows, one that feels comfortable to them. Like any other type of marketing, though, it must be done carefully and with a lot of planning. You don’t want to be seen as “spamming” your contacts’ Facebook feeds, or they will quickly unfollow you or block your content.

KEO Marketing can help you plan an effective social media marketing strategy, which includes deciding which (if any) Facebook ads may be right for you.


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