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Email Marketing: Mobile is Dictating Open Rates

Mobile is Dictating Open Rates While we have discussed the explosion of mobile quite a bit here recently, much of the focus has been centered on making websites and other online content mobile-friendly. However, there is another critical area where mobile is having a major impact: email campaigns.

When it comes to email, one of the most important metrics is the open rate, which of course tells you how many of your email recipients actually opened and viewed the message.

Marketers who want to address (and ideally improve) their open rates will need to make mobile a big part of the conversation. That may be obvious, but is reinforced strongly by recent data. A new report from Movable Ink showed that mobile now accounts for a whopping two-thirds of all email opens.

This means you must make it a top priority to ensure your email is mobile-friendly. That also goes for any landing pages or other online destinations your email content links to, but of course if recipients never open or read your message, those links will be irrelevant.

Optimizing your email for mobile starts with a few basic yet very important elements, including the sender field and the subject line. On a small screen, these items that are the first visible parts of your message occupy a large portion of the viewing space. So if they don’t get a readers’ attention (or, worse, if they illicit a negative reaction), your email open rate will take a nosedive.

With regards to the sender name, you want to become someone whom your audience not only recognizes, but also trusts. They should be glad to hear from you. You should also establish a reputation for sending important, high-quality content, which you need to demonstrate in the subject line.

Next, there’s the teaser or snippet text (sometimes also called the pre-header), which may be the only other part of your message that’s initially visible. Don’t waste this valuable real estate. Put something important or intriguing here. You might also consider trying an action element, such as a clickable button.

Obviously, there are a whole host of other things that can help make your message mobile-friendly. But really it all boils down to the open rates, because if you can’t get your recipient to even look at your message then all of the time and energy you invested into creating it is completely wasted.

KEO Marketing can plan and design a mobile-friendly email marketing strategy that helps you achieve the best possible open rates.


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