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Hot B2B Marketing Trends of This Year

B2B Marketing Trends Believe it or not, the year is quickly coming to an end. So this is a good time to review what you have learned this year, as you look ahead to planning your strategies for 2015. Staying aware of trends and popular tactics that other businesses are using successfully can also help you identify tactics that might be a useful addition to your own approach.

We would have to say the continued popularity of and focus on content marketing definitely ranks up there as one of the top stories this year for marketing in general, but particularly for B2B marketers. As we have discussed recently here, research by the Content Marketing Institute and other sources have shown that B2B marketers are continuing to recognize the importance of content marketing, and more and more of them are making content a high priority in their efforts. However, many B2B marketers are still basically winging it in this area, making up a plan as they go, without any formal documented strategy. We strongly advise businesses to invest the time to come up with an official content marketing strategy, one that is developed after considering their business goals, audience motivations and other important factors.

On the social front, B2B marketers are realizing the importance of both versatility and a long-term approach. Unlike their B2C counterparts, B2B marketers cannot simply rely on jumping on Facebook, Instagram or whatever the latest social trend is. For those in the B2B sector, it’s important to find out where your target audience is, and then go there, regardless of whether that happens to be the hot new social media hangout. Also, simply just getting people to like or follow you isn’t enough. You need to maintain an ongoing connection, nurturing that lead or existing customer relationship through repeated interactions.

Digital targeting and segmentation is also an increasingly important tactic (we’re not really sure we would call it a trend, as it is more of an essential tool). Especially in light of the massive growth of mobile, it is more important than ever that you catch your audience’s attention immediately, and figure out how to best engage them right from the start. Otherwise, you will lose them quickly. Fortunately, there are a number of great tools available that can help you analyze your current visitors/audience and learn many valuable insights about your target audience and the best ways to reach them. By carefully monitoring your analytics, you can also quickly spot any indicators that you might need to change course quickly.

Of course, one of the biggest challenges for any type of business professional is figuring out how to integrate trends with tried-and-true proven tactics that get results. It is a delicate balance: you want to stick with what works and don’t want to get too scattered or distracted by trying to jump on every bandwagon, yet it is also important to stay informed of the latest ideas and approaches.

Fortunately, KEO Marketing can help, as our years of experience in this area let us tailor the perfect marketing strategy for you, incorporating a blend of reliable tactics and new approaches.


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