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How B2B Marketers Can Benefit from Creating White Papers

B2B Marketers benefiting from White PapersWhile content marketing can be extremely beneficial and valuable for all marketers, the form it takes (or should take) can differ greatly depending on the target audience. In the B2C realm, for example, banner ads are a popular choice and may produce a satisfactory return on investment. However, for B2B marketers, this form of content is unlikely to be worthwhile enough to justify a large outlay of time or money.

By contrast, white papers have been consistently viewed as a type of content that can have an impressive ROI for B2B marketers. In one recent survey conducted by the Content Marketing Institute, 58% of B2B marketers said white papers are an effective marketing tactic.

White papers offer several attractive benefits for B2B companies. First, they provide a great way for your staff members to demonstrate their expertise and knowledge, and establish themselves as experts and thought leaders in the industry. This helps develop trust in your company (and its leaders) and also helps strengthen brand recognition.

White papers also represent the kind of in-depth and high-quality content that Google now factors heavily into its search algorithm, so this can result in some valuable SEO benefits.

To get the maximum payoff from the time and energy you invest into creating your white paper, don’t view it as a solitary, one-off product. Instead, configure your strategy so that the white paper is the central hub of a content circle from which numerous other tactics are generated.

For example, you can do blog posts and social media updates teasing the upcoming release of the white paper. Then, when the white paper is launched, you should create a special landing page just for that. Be sure to have a sign-up page in which visitors must enter their information before they can access the white paper, thus providing you with a way to gather valuable leads. The initial white paper can also serve as the foundation for numerous other subsequent forms of content, ranging from infographics to webinars (and of course you can create blog entries and/or social media posts to promote each of those).

The numerous possibilities for repurposing and expanding the material contained in a white paper can help explain why this form of content often produces such an attractive ROI for B2B marketers.

KEO Marketing can plan and implement a comprehensive content marketing strategy that best fits your company’s needs and goals.


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