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B2B Marketing: Strengthen Your SEO Tactics

Strengthen Your SEO TacticsMarketers in general should always make search engine optimization a priority. For B2B marketers, this is often an area they find challenging, or one they find difficult to squeeze into their busy schedule. Yet many surveys and studies show that B2B companies often fall short when it comes to SEO efforts, a weakness that even those marketers themselves acknowledge.

With a heavy workload and a packed schedule, B2B marketers need to focus on tactics that will give them quick, noticeable results with limited time and effort. This means they need to identify efficient ways to improve their SEO strategy with the best possible payoffs.

While a comprehensive SEO plan can definitely take a lot of time and manpower, there are some ways to focus your efforts so you can get a strong headstart.

First, you really need to understand your customers (and the prospective customers you are targeting). This is of course something that should be a top priority for you in general anyway, as it will be valuable information that will guide many of your marketing decisions.

With regards to SEO, you will want to understand the motivations of these customers or prospects and consider the problems they need to solve. This in turn will help you figure out what search terms and phrases they are likely to use when searching for a solution, or a vendor that can provide that solution. When creating your content, you will want to ensure that you incorporate text that directly relates to the terms these users would be likely to use when searching for vendors or service providers.

It is also critical that you work closely with your IT team. While you may be developing the SEO strategies and goals, they are the ones who will need to actually implement most of these elements. They may be handling the heavy lifting behind the scenes, but they will be looking to you for guidance about what the priorities should be and the ultimate goals you want to achieve with these tactics. They can also alert you as to specific challenges or concerns you will need to consider when planning content, web design or other marketing materials.

Speaking of content, this will be the foundation of all of your SEO efforts. You want to plan your content carefully and strategically, taking the time to create well-written information that users will find helpful. This is especially important in light of recent Google changes that reward high-quality content.

As a side note, you should also make sure that your content is valuable enough to establish you or your business as a respected authority and a source of current, accurate information. This will prompt media outlets, bloggers and other influencers to share your content or cite your materials, with links that will in turn provide an SEO boost which may possibly be significant.

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