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Search Engine Optimization: Some Basic SEO Tips

Search engine optimizationFor many marketers, almost everything they do can seem to revolve around search engine optimization in some way, even if SEO isn’t technically part of their job title or official job description. Since SEO can involve so many different tactics and can impact everything from content to web design, it can seem like a lot to grasp, especially for those who don’t have extensive experience in this particular area.

It would be nearly impossible to go from SEO newbie to expert in a very short time, but with the importance of search rankings to businesses today, marketers often need to get up to speed quickly. It can be helpful for them to compile a collection of tips, shortcuts and best practices, to serve as a sort of “cheat sheet” and provide a jump start while learning the more specific intricacies of search.

A few examples of keyword-related tips to include in your SEO cheat sheet might include:

Think clusters of keywords. It can be exhausting (not to mention a real drain on productivity) to try and focus on one keyword at a time. Instead, think about groups of keywords that all relate to your main topic(s) or theme(s). You can then brainstorm the best ways to work as many of these keywords into your content as possible.

Start general, then drill down to more specific variations. Remember, the more specific the keyword is, the less competition you will face and the easier it will be to achieve a higher rank for that search term. Here’s where it helps to think about your visitors, and what might be most important to them. You can often get specific by using some well-chosen descriptors with your initial keywords. For example, if your initial keyword term is “security software” you can make that more specific by adding adjectives like “inexpensive,” “trusted” or “user-friendly.” You can also use specific hardware brands or computer terms.

Use tools and services available to you. There are a wide range of tools and products that can help you identify potential keywords, and compare the different possibilities to see which offers the best potential and the least competition. The tools you choose will depend on your budget and specific features or needs that are a priority for you.

This is just a small sampling of the types of things you can include in your basic SEO starter guide. For more tips, check out the Moz guideline, “How to Rank: 25 Step SEO Master Blueprint.”

Of course, you can solve many of your SEO challenges by enlisting the help of KEO Marketing and taking advantage of our extensive expertise when it comes to search engine optimization.


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