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On-Page Search Optimization a Constant Challenge


Trying to optimize your web pages for SEO can seem like an overwhelming and never-ending challenge. There is a nearly unlimited array of elements you can change and things you can tweak in an effort to improve your search rankings. Just trying to figure out where and how to include keywords can be enough to leave you exhausted.

Making things even more confusing, it seems like every time you think you finally get a handle on the “right” approach, you see another expert advising you to do things in a totally different way. At its best, on-page optimization is like trying to hit a moving target, since SEO in general is a constantly evolving concept.

But while there will likely never be one definitive approach to on-page optimization, there are some best practices that can give you a great starting point.

First, make sure your pages contain content that is relevant and valuable. This is especially important in the wake of the latest Google algorithm changes that weigh content relevance high in the formula that determines ranking.

You also want to adhere to standard “best practice” character limits when it comes to page elements such as the title and URL. Speaking of the URL, you should make sure it is static and that all content is unique to that page address. Ideally, you should also try to include the main keyword (or keyword phrase) within the URL.

For a helpful guide to on-page optimization that sums up much of the most important advice in an easy to digest format, check out A Visual Guide to Keyword Targeting and On-Page SEO, written by Rand Fishkin for the The Moz Blog. But remember, the world of SEO moves at top speed, so while the post contains a number of good tips and advice, some of the specifics were likely already outdated or incomplete within days after it was posted.

This is why it’s so important to have the assistance of experts who are constantly aware of the very latest and most effective tactics and strategies for SEO. That’s what we do at KEO Marketing, and we would love to help with your search engine optimization and marketing needs.


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