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Mobile Marketing: Customer Satisfaction Falling Short

29693047_sTo those of us who have been watching the growing dominance of mobile, the importance of having a robust mobile marketing strategy seems obvious. This is how an increasingly large segment of your customers are accessing your website and interacting with your brand, so it’s critical that you are able to accommodate this customer base and provide them with the information and services they need.

Yet some companies have been slow to embrace mobile, either ignoring it completely or giving it minimal attention. As surprising as it may sound, a large number of businesses still haven’t made a significant effort to provide a satisfying and helpful experience to mobile users. In many cases, businesses haven’t done much of anything at all.

Believe me, customers notice. It’s painfully obvious when a website hasn’t been optimized for mobile. Mobile users won’t be able to see your content properly and some functions won’t work easily, or may not work at all. If you are lucky, the visitors may spend a few (frustrating) moments attempting to get what they need from your site. More likely, they will quickly give up and go elsewhere.

We realize that not every business has the ability or resources to do a complete overhaul on their website immediately. So you may need to choose a few priority areas, identifying the pages that get the most traffic, especially from mobile visitors (study your analytics for this information). The most popular solution seems to be transitioning to responsive design, which ensures your site looks good and functions well on all devices.

Still need some convincing about the importance of a mobile strategy, and providing a good customer experience for mobile users? Check out these stats from the ExactTarget 2014 Mobile Behavior Report:

  • 85% of respondents said mobile devices are a central part of everyday life
  • 48% of smartphone users and 70% of multi-device users have signed up for email notifications from a business or website
  • 54% say mobile-optimized websites don’t give enough information
  • 68% say it is somewhat or very important that companies they interact with are seen as a technology leader

We know the idea of developing a mobile strategy can be intimidating, especially if you are starting from scratch. Fortunately, KEO Marketing specializes in mobile marketing and can get you up to speed quickly.


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