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Social Media Marketing: Facebook Adds Audience Insights

social media marketingFor many marketers, Facebook is the foundation of their social media campaigns. While new and growing networking sites like Instagram and Pinterest continue to gain traction, Facebook maintains a strong foothold in the social media world and is the top priority social media tactic for many marketers.

However, Facebook doesn’t necessarily make it easier for marketers (or users in general) to get great visibility and positive engagement on the site. A constant series of algorithm changes have made it very difficult for businesses to get the reach and interaction they want.

Perhaps to help combat that, Facebook has offered a bit of a consolation prize to marketers hoping to best connect with their target audiences. They have recently unveiled Audience Insights, a tool that can help marketers learn more about their audiences (and potential audiences). Those familiar with Google Analytics will be very comfortable with this new Facebook feature, as it provides a similar sort of glimpse into the people with whom you may interact or those who may be most interested in your brand.

If you’re thinking that you already have insights about your audience, you are probably referring to Page insights, which (as the name implies) only tells you about the people who have already engaged with your Page, by actions such as liking or commenting. By contrast, Audience Insights tells you about a much larger group of people.

Audiences Insights offers you a look at the stats related to three different levels of people: the general Facebook audience overall, people who are connected to your page/event, and those in custom audiences you have created.

So exactly what kind of information can you learn about these audiences? It’s the typical type of data you would expect, such as demographic information like age, gender, relationship status and household size. You can also find out about their Facebook activity, purchasing history, and other Pages that they have liked.

To protect users’ privacy, these stats are presented on a group/aggregate level, so you won’t find out about the habits of a specific user.

Just as Google Analytics helps you tailor your content and ads to best appeal to your target audience, Facebook’s Audience Insights also guides you in creating messaging and campaigns that have the best chance of attracting to attention of those Facebook users with whom you most want to connect. It can also be very helpful if you want to support campaigns that combine both online and offline tactics, because you can find out lots of great information about those users who may be located within a certain geographic area near your physical location.

We handle social media marketing strategy for many of our clients, and would be happy to help with your Facebook pages, campaigns and any other social media tasks.


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