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Search Advertising: Google Wins the U.S. Browser Wars

Google wins US browser warsNewly released data shows that Google has now risen to the top of the pack among internet browsers. A report compiled by Adobe as part of its Adobe Digital Index research showed that Google’s share of the combined U.S. browser market (PC and mobile together) is nearly 32 percent.

Google’s browser offerings consist of Chrome for the PC and Android for mobile devices. Google seems to be the only company that has figured out how to appeal to users across the board. While they aren’t the most commonly used browser in either the mobile or PC category, they have the biggest numbers overall. Apple’s Safari rules the mobile world, which isn’t surprising thanks to the dominance of the iPhone. And in the desktop realm, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer still maintains a decent lead over Google Chrome. While Firefox has its share of desktop fans, it suffers as a result of its lack of attention to the mobile market.

This gives Google some powerful leverage to bolster its already strong position in the world of paid online advertising. As Chrome fans know, the browser and search functions are seamlessly blended together, since users can type keywords into the address bar and instantly get search results. This makes AdWords campaigns even more valuable, especially when targeting the right keywords.

Really, though, this is just yet another sign of Google’s overarching dominant presence in seemingly every aspect of our online daily lives. Google browsers automatically load the Google search page, and encourage users to take advantage of the whole array of Google tools and services like Gmail and the assortment of extensions available for Chrome.

What does this mean for marketers? It pretty much reiterates what many already realized long ago: Google is all-powerful. It is maintaining an increasingly dominant presence in the everyday lives of consumers and the critical operations of businesses.

Bottom line: if you want to reach clients and potential customers, you need to make Google a major part of your marketing conversations. You need to consider the “Google factor” when planning your marketing strategy, especially where SEO, website design and paid search are concerned.

Don’t worry, we here at KEO Marketing are “Google geeks” and can ensure that Google is perfectly incorporated into your marketing strategy and all of your marketing plans and tactics.


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