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Mobile Marketing Can No Longer Be Ignored

mobile marketingMobile marketing is something you can no longer ignore, no matter what your industry. While it’s true that certain industries have been slower to become mobile-centric than others, mobile users are quickly becoming a strong (perhaps even dominant) force across the board.

Savvy, forward-thinking marketers saw the writing on the wall long ago and were quick to make efforts to adapt to the escalating shift toward mobile. As the rapid growth of mobile became impossible to ignore, more marketers started to think about what they could do to accommodate mobile users. At this point, those who may have been slow to act are likely scrambling to try and catch up.

Truly embracing the mobile crowd means you must develop a comprehensive strategy that encompasses several important aspects including web design and content development.

Marketers who have been late to jump on the mobile bandwagon, or who are contemplating whether to change or expand their current mobile strategy, might be interested in checking out the results of the recent 3rd Annual U.S. Mobile Path-to-Purchase Study conducted by xAd and Telmetrics.

A few important (and perhaps enlightening) takeaways from this survey:

People use mobile devices everywhere, not just when they are on the go. Half of all smartphone-armed consumers are using their mobile devices even when at home and presumably within close proximity to a computer.

You need to grab users quickly (and right from the start) or risk losing a sale. In the past, marketers often assumed that mobile users mainly used their devices toward the end of the buying cycle, just as they were poised to make a purchase. However, the findings showed that the highest ratio of mobile activity happened early in the buying/shopping process, when people still were unsure exactly what they wanted, and thus were most open to the influence of good marketing.

Don’t underestimate offline activity. It may seem contradictory but even people who greatly rely upon mobile information for buying decisions still include offline activity as a major part of the process.

Location is important. Given the frequency of offline purchases and interactions, it’s probably not surprising that location matters a lot for many mobile users. Along with price, location is the detail most commonly looked up by mobile shoppers ready to buy.

At KEO marketing, we understand the value of the mobile consumer and can plan and maintain an effective mobile marketing strategy for your business.


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