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Content Marketing: Learn to Delegate

content marketingSome marketers have found themselves with a new job responsibility, even if they don’t have a new official title. At many companies, it has recently fallen upon members of the marketing team to become a sort of “content wrangler.” Good content (and lots of it) is more important than ever. This is especially true in the wake of Hummingbird, the Google algorithm which put a lot of weight into the amount and quality of content a website provides.

However, while many marketers realize the importance of having a high volume of good content, the practical issues involved with actually creating all of this valuable content may seem like a huge challenge. Even if they aren’t responsible for actually writing every word personally, marketers are often in charge of ensuring that it gets written, and is up to the quality standards the company expects. That can involve a lot of time and effort, and it can quickly seem overwhelming.

There are some ways to make the process more manageable, though. Nate Dame shares some tips in his MarketingLand blog post, “How to Produce More Quality Content, More Quickly.”

His main piece of advice is that it’s very important for someone who gets put in an editorial manager role to focus on the management part of that task. He points out that the process often runs into problems when companies “lose their grip on the production timeline and fall behind due to unclear responsibilities and the over-involvement of managers.”

In other words, this is a situation where micro-managing can be a huge hindrance, and can really become costly. To be effective, editorial managers need to be comfortable delegating most of the writing (and perhaps editing) duties.

Here are a few of Dame’s tips to keep your high-quality content moving through the pipeline.

  • As a manager, stay focused on managing. Avoid the temptation to re-write or significantly edit content yourself.
  • Constantly give your writers helpful, actionable and transferable feedback that they can apply to current and future writing projects.
  • Attract and retain a team of A+ writers
  • Always look for tasks that can be delegated — for example, proofreading for spelling/grammar. Don’t get caught up! Your time is your most valuable asset.
  • Treat internal, subject-matter experts as your most valuable assets, because they are! Look for ways to help them reach their own goals while also improving their writing skills.

Of course, your ability to delegate (especially to freelance writers or other service providers) will depend in large part on your budget and company policies on hiring outside help. If your ability to enlist freelance help is limited, you may need to look for ways to get the maximum benefit out of internal resources.

If you find that you don’t have the capacity to manage all of your content needs yourself, we can help. KEO Marketing offers a wide variety of content marketing services, and can manage your strategy or provide high-quality content that meets your needs.


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