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Social Marketing: Google+ Not Likely to Go Away

The online world has suddenly been all abuzz with rumors that Google+ is soon to be history. Almost immediately after the first whispers started, people quickly began exchanging theories as to what led to its supposed impending demise and venturing guesses as to exactly when G+ would disappear.

But don’t go counting this particular platform out just yet. Google reps were quick to shoot down the rumors, and while obviously nobody outside of headquarters really can be sure of the company’s plans, most social media insiders seem pretty sure that Google+ will be around for at least the foreseeable future.

In other words, it’s a pretty safe guess that, to paraphrase an old saying, rumors of Google+’s death have been greatly exaggerating. Or at least are very premature speculation.

There are several reasons why it would seem safe to assume Google+ has a future. For one thing, the company has invested a lot of time and energy into integrating Google+ with all of the other products and services in its arsenal. That would mean a lot of wasted money and resources if it were to pull the plug now. Not to mention, it would be difficult to try and extricate Google+ from the overall Google landscape now that it has been so deeply blended into the overall recipe.

At this point, unless there are any official announcements to indicate otherwise, it would be risky to abandon your focus on Google+. In fact, it would be smart to do just the opposite. Google continues to make Google+ participation increasingly important to search ranking, by heavily weighting G+ posts and stressing the importance of adding authorship to your profile.

That’s not to say that Google+ will remain exactly as it is now. It’s no secret that the platform has suffered from some image problems and hasn’t caught on as quickly as Google bigwigs likely hoped. So it wouldn’t be surprising if they made some tweaks in the near future. But we’re talking some relatively minor adjustments and improvements, which is a far different scenario than pulling the plug.

For the time being at least, it’s to your benefit to maintain (and perhaps even increase) the effort you devote to Google +. By maintaining a strong presence on Google+ and linking as many of your accounts and activities there as possible, you boost your SEO visibility.

We know it can be a challenge to keep up with all of the latest happenings in the social media landscape, so we’d be glad to help can help with all of your social media marketing needs.


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