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How Search Relates to Consumer Buying and Behavior

Understanding how consumers think and act is important throughout the entire conversion cycle, but nowhere is that insight more valuable than when the person is in the mood to buy. This is when it is critical that you know how to best engage that prospective customer and motivate them to take action.

Data that analyzes consumer behavior at this point in the process could provide you with a goldmine of vital knowledge about how best to convert those targets.

A recent study conducted by Parago definitely offers some interesting and perhaps eye-opening findings about search and buying behavior that can guide digital marketers in how they plan their tactics for reaching and engaging potential customers.

Nathan Safran looks at some of the most intriguing takeaways from this survey in his Search Engine Land post, “4 Revealing Facts About How Consumers Search And Buy Online.”

Social is not a purchase research channel. Some marketers may be surprised to learn that a very small portion of consumers use social networks to help them make a buying decision. The data shows social doesn’t play a very big role in this type of research, although of course social is still very important in establishing your brand’s messaging, engaging with users and sharing content.

Amazon isn’t as dominant as we may think. True, Amazon is a force to be reckoned with, but they are not all-powerful. Online retailers can be competitive, assuming they can get visibility by achieving good search placement. Of course, they also must offer comparative prices to Amazon in order to stay competitive.

Perhaps the least surprising finding from the data is that Google is the place where consumers turn most often when researching a purchase if they are ready to buy. While this certainly isn’t shocking, it’s still a good reminder of the importance of good search rankings in order to be found by these buying-prone users. This is where your search engine optimization efforts will pay off. Safran stresses it’s also imperative that online marketers find a way to replicate the type of information and experience buyers would have traditionally received from in-store displays and materials.


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