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Simple Steps to a Great Mobile Pay-Per-Click Campaign

mobile marketingMany marketers have already jumped on the pay-pay-click bandwagon, perhaps very successfully, but they may still be a bit unfamiliar with the process of targeting these campaigns to the mobile environment. However, just as with your overall marketing strategy, it’s becoming increasingly important to consider mobile as a big part of the equation.

Fortunately, you can start off with some relatively simple, basic steps. Lisa Raehsler at ClickZ boils it down to a few simple tasks in her post, “5 Steps to the Ultimate PPC Mobile Campaign.”

Measure the opportunity. Study your analytics to see what level of traffic is from mobile users. If you’re like many marketers, you’ll notice these numbers growing, perhaps rapidly. You should also think about how your mobile users would be most likely to interact with you, and what actions they would want to take.

Enable (and encourage) mobile conversion. Mobile users don’t (and often can’t) interact with you in the same way that desktop users do. You must make sure your campaign is mobile-friendly, such as by making forms very short and simple.

Tweak copy to target mobile users. Your text should be specifically aimed at mobile users and their behaviors/preferences—such as by stressing that this is an action that can be done quickly on a mobile device.

Simplicity and speed are critical. Mobile users want to be able to do things quickly and easily. Landing pages should be easy for them to view, and features should be easy to use.

Make following up easy. Be sure to provide ways for people to continue interacting with you, from whatever devices they may use.

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