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Dedicated Landing Pages Help Your Email Campaigns

landing pagesWith your email initiatives—as with most other tasks marketers do—the ultimate goal is conversion. Needless to say, anything that can help boost your conversion rates even a little bit is worth trying. A tactic that can help you get a significant jump in conversions? That’s like hitting the jackpot.

Dedicated landing pages can be just such a resource, when used effectively. They can have a major positive impact on your conversion rates from email campaigns, as Chris Hexton notes in his Marketing Land article, “How to Collect Email Subscribers with Landing Pages That Convert at 50%.”

Many marketers seem to have already caught on to the potentially great value of dedicated landing pages. Hexton says there has recently been a noticeable increase in the number of marketers using these pages to increase lead generation from their email campaigns.

He shares a few tips for how you can best use these pages to increase conversions:

Have a clear call-to-action. “This sounds super obvious but having a really crisp, clear call-to-action is a must, no matter what you are selling on your landing page,” he says. A big, colorful button is a must-have, as is an emphasis on the benefits of clicking.

Use copy to sell your list. Use your best copywriting skills here. You want to keep it short and sweet while also clearly stressing the value of subscribing.

Include social proof. Everybody wants to be part of a hot trend. Use social sharing buttons and “like” counts to demonstrate how many other people have already gotten on board.

Of course, your landing page only works if people actually see it, so first you need to make sure you have effective tactics for driving people there. Hexton says you should take advantage of every possible opportunity to mention this page on a variety of different avenues, including your website and display remarketing locations.

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