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Google Unveils Funnels Attribution Tool

pay-per-click advertisingFor businesses that use AdWords as part of their marketing campaigns, choosing the right keywords is an important decision. Selecting the right keywords, though, may not be as clear-cut as it may seem.  That’s because it can sometimes be tricky to figure out what may have influenced a potential lead at different points along the conversion funnel. That’s partly because a customer may have several interactions with a variety of different ads before they ultimately convert—yet typically a marketer would look only at the terms related to the last click.

To make this process a little easier and provide some helpful (and perhaps enlightening) information about keywords and their impact, Google just announced the launch of its Search Funnels Attribution Modeling Tool. This new tool allows businesses to see which keywords or campaigns may have played an important role in the conversion process, even if they may not have directly preceded the last click.

This tool is designed to better help you understand a buyer’s path to purchase. You can look at five different AdWords attribution models, which can provide some valuable insights that may help you adjust your campaign strategy to be most cost-effective and profitable for you. As the Google announcement notes, you will be able to see how different bids for undervalued keywords can help you reach customers earlier in the purchase, driving even more conversions while allowing you to spend less.

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