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How to Adjust Local Search for Hummingbird

Google HummingbirdThe arrival of Hummingbird affected everything SEO-related, and of course that includes local search. But just how much of an impact did it have—and what can marketers do to adjust?

That’s what Andrew Shotland explores in the Search Engine Land post, Did Hummingbird Just Kill Your Local SEO?

As you probably know by now, Hummingbird is the new search algorithm Google introduced in the fall. Shotland says that Hummingbird isn’t necessarily as much of a killer of local search as some may think. It will, however, force marketers to rethink and re-evaluate their strategies. But in the end this will benefit both the marketer and the users, as it will force the marketer to create more useful and high-quality content, which in turn will lead to happier customers and increased business.

Shotland has a few tips for marketers who want to boost their local search results in this post-Hummingbird era.

Focus on FAQs

Hummingbird places more of an emphasis on conversational search, including the questions that people would ask when doing a voice search. Not surprisingly, these questions closely parallel those you have—or should have—in your FAQs. While it is unlikely that many of these questions will have a specific local element, the fact that your content matches the search question will give you an advantage over competitors who haven’t taken that step.

Mine Your Resources for Unique Content

Your content should not only be relevant, it should also be unique and of high value. This means you must invest the time and energy to create quality content. To make this easier—and ensure your content is fresh and different—take advantage of any unique information you may have, such as any local market research or customer data you may have compiled.

Create Content for Your Service Locations

Targeted content tied to your service locations or major cities in your coverage area is a fundamental tool for local search. This can be a challenge, though, especially if you don’t actually have physical locations in those places. Creativity is the key. Shotland suggests using customer reviews, user comments or tweet-like staff activity updates to provide a local (and unique) elements.

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