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Tips for Building a New B2B Brand

B2B marketingThe prospect of establishing a search campaign for a totally new business-to-business brand may be intimidating, but there are some steps that can help you gain traction more quickly.

Katherine Janca at Search Engine Land shares a few good tips in her post, Building A B2B Brand From Scratch Through Search.

Tip #1: Ensure Good Keyword Coverage & Messaging

This may seem obvious, but it’s an essential starting point—and something many people overlook. A few things to remember:

  • Make certain there is robust keyword coverage for products and solutions that have launched, especially if there is press coverage.
  • Create live search terms on the major engines to understand competitive coverage and SEO listings, to add keywords as necessary.
  • Highlight key features of the product or solution that match the press around your article, or what you want to convey in your copy.

If you work on the agency side or even internally, Janca says you should track down and connect with the team that is delivering the press release or working on the product or solution. “I’ve learned that these teams often have done an incredible amount of competitive research and can give valuable insights and strategies into what will appeal to the target audience. If you can’t track them down, then doing your own competitive research, understanding and summarizing the content, works best for messaging.”

Tip #2: Cross-Sell Your B2B Offering as Much as Possible

Janca says this primarily applies to established B2B brands that are trying to break into a different market, or trying to launch a new product to market, or complement an existing product. She suggests an easy way to accomplish this is by cross-selling on sitelinks for products for which you already have existing search volume. “This can be done on terms that either complement the new product, or are an older version of the product or solution for which you wish to offer a newer product. If you can, also use richer ad formats to highlight the new product such as video ads and ads on YouTube.”

“To give a few examples, as a primarily consumer food service provider (like a pizza store), add a sitelinks about your newly launched catering business. Or on your key brand terms, add a sitelinks about a new solution that you just brought to market. That way, loyal customers can easily engage in your newest offerings, and customers who are searching your brand for the first time (as they’ve already learned about you before) can engage with content that they may not have learned about before.”

Whether you’re trying to launch a new brand or just need to boost the strategies you’ve been using for an existing brand, we can offer some strategies to help you achieve better results. Check out the array of search services we provide.


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