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Quick Ways to Build or Boost Social Media Presence

Trying to take a social media program from nonexistent to thriving in a short time can be intimidating. Whether you are launching a brand new social media presence or just trying to boost one that has been neglected, you (and your bosses or clients) probably want to see results quickly. Fortunately, there are some strategies that can help you get a quick payoff.

In the Marketing Land post, “20 Quick-Win Tactics For Building A New Social Media Presence,” Courtney Seiter shares a bunch of quick-win tactics for building a new (or newly revived) social media presence on any network. Here are a few of her tips you can start using right away:

Think Visual

A visual element (cover photo/profile picture/avatar/etc.) is likely the first thing potential audience members are going to see when considering you. Work ahead with a designer or on your own to make sure all your images are high resolution, properly sized and reflect your brand accurately.

Put Your Site To Work

Capitalize on the traffic you already have by adding follow/fan buttons for all your social networks to your site’s main page, about page, blog home and anywhere else that makes sense.

Tell Your Customers

If you have a physical location that customers visit, make sure there’s clear signage that shows off your social media accounts, how to join them and why someone should.

Add a Perk

Bonus points for adding an incentive to make it worthwhile for customers to act, like a special discount for showing you they follow you on Twitter or a coupon you can only access on Facebook.

Assess the Field

You likely already know the brands that are competitive and complementary to yours. If not, do some quick research and brainstorming to find them. Find and follow all of them on your new account. Complementary brands might return the favor. As for competitors, now you can keep an eye on them. While you’re at it, connect to any major news sources for your industry.

Stockpile Shareable Content

Content that people want to share is your best bet when you’re starting out on a new social presence. Each share extends your network and introduces you to a larger audience. You’ll probably want to create your own, but there’s nothing wrong with sharing what’s already out there. Use discovery tools or comb your own network to unearth share-worthy stuff of various types (links, photos, videos, etc.)

Skeptical as to whether these social media efforts are worth the trouble? Find out how we helped one company achieve a 465% increase in revenue from social media conversions in the case study, Boosting Reach, Engagement and Sales through Social Media.


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