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What Your Marketing Audit Should Cover

When it comes to marketing strategies, thinking big can often be a good thing—but sometimes it can distract you from noticing the little details that may be hampering your efforts.

If you are starting a new position, launching a new campaign or simply trying to boost your existing efforts, your first instinct may be to aim high and tackle some ambitious goals. While it may be tempting to start thinking of big ideas and new directions, don’t overlook the obvious. You should first start by examining the processes and strategies you already have in place. Most likely, you will spot at least a few things that can be improved.

In the Search Engine Watch article, “5 Inbound Marketing Essentials to Audit,” Uri Bar-Joseph reviews some basic—yet vital—elements of your process that you should evaluate regularly.

Target Audience and Messaging

“This is the starting point for all your marketing activities. You need to spend as much time as you can on defining the target audience, developing personas, and having in-depth conversations about them and with them. Understanding your buyer is a never-ending mission. As a starting point, focus on developing a basic profile (title, company size, industry, basic demographic) and outline the primary needs/pain points your product/service solves. This will allow you to start developing the messaging, content, offers, and even the target keywords you want to rank for.”


“The website is the storefront of your business. As you build your inbound marketing programs, it will also be the number one destination for inbound traffic. Your homepage will become the top entry page, so it’s essential that it will be a reflection of who you are as a business and what you can offer to your prospects (both in copy and design).

As a starting point, make sure the messaging is there and that there are no technical issues with the website, specifically with your homepage (it doesn’t load, the URL is wrong, links from the homepage are broken, etc.). The other elements that should be the focus of your audit include your blog, social presence and lead captures. “

Not sure how to go about evaluating these elements? No problem—that’s one of our specialties! In fact, we offer a complimentary marketing audit, so contact us to get the process started.


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