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Best Practices to Improve Email Deliverability

You put a lot of time and effort into your email campaigns. So it can be very discouraging to consider the fact that many of your intended recipients may never even see your messages at all. That’s because some of your emails may be intercepted by spam filters, while others just simply vanish into cyberspace.

This is a problem, because obviously your recipient can’t act on your message if they never see it. What can do you to ensure that your email reaches its intended destination?

Dayna Rothman of the Marketo Blog shares some tips in 7 Best Practices for Email Deliverability. “Your reputation as a sender is crucial,” Rothman says. “Email deliverability is more and more about your reputation as a sender and less about the actual content of your emails. This does not mean that content is not important, but it does mean that marketers need to give plenty of attention to how their email campaigns are being delivered.”

Here are her first three guidelines:

1. Follow the trust and engagement mantra.

Give your subscribers a good reason to opt in and set clear expectations about what’s to come. Then, follow through on your promises with timely, targeted, valuable email marketing.

2. Use responsible methods to build your lists.

Verify all new email addresses before sending your messages, and regularly scrub your contact lists to remove inactive addresses.

3. Choose a solid email marketing platform.

Make sure the vendor you choose is sophisticated enough to handle bounce codes, feedback loops, and connection optimization.

Of course, deliverability is just one (important) aspect of an email campaign. There are many other elements involved, as well—and dropping the ball on even one or two of them can negatively impact your campaign’s results. At KEO Marketing, we have handled numerous successful email campaigns for clients. We’d be happy to do a complimentary marketing audit of your current email tactics and suggest areas for improvement.


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