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The Importance of Innovation in B2B Content

Seems like many marketers forget the “creative” part of creative writing—but that mistake could cost them valuable conversions.

In the post, “5 Things You Need to Convert B2B Prospects NOW,” Louis Foong discusses the importance of innovation in B2B content marketing. He references an infographic from the CMO Council that illustrates how B2B content affects customer thinking and behavior.

Listed in the infographic, we see these top 4 ways in which content influences purchase decisions:

  1. Mentions new approaches to problems
  2. Introduces fresh thought leadership on issues
  3. Validates the value of products and solutions
  4. Highlights companies who understand customer issues

Several of the keywords mentioned (such as fresh and new) relate to innovation and creative thinking.

However, as Foong says, “Even though there is so much discussion about innovative content marketing, most companies do not have the resources, skills and the time to do this the right way. I am also inclined to believe that there is almost a fear of innovation in the vast majority of B2B organizations that are actively using content marketing for lead generation.

As marketers we need to start challenging our assumptions and open our minds to new perspectives. That’s when we will get to that productive point where we ask the right questions and give the right answers. If not, you’ll just be doing what everyone else is doing—as the saying goes—you can’t stick feathers up your butt and pretend you’re a chicken. It doesn’t work!”

Bottom line: “The #1 thing B2B marketers need to do, therefore, to be able to convert prospects into customers is to get over their fear of innovation.”

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