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Maximizing Your Eight Seconds and 110 Words

marketing landThere was a time when marketers could get ahead of the curve by simply combining the right content and social media with a solid website presence. Those days are long gone. As the web continues to evolve and mature, these three elements are no longer a luxury – they are a requirement.

In her recent Marketing Land article Why Content, Social Media & Great Websites Are Now Considered “The Basics”, social media and search marketing professional Kelsey Jones says that Internet users have gotten spoiled. “We expect the brands we interact with to be on top of their blog, website, and social media feeds — so when one isn’t, it really stands out.”

The fact is, people who spend the majority of their working day connected to the Internet want to be able to find the information they’re looking for quickly and in an easily digestible format. “If your online presence is lacking, then not only will they judge your company,” Jones writes, “they might find another company who does online marketing better than you.”

Singling out various shades of online content, Jones says that while not all companies need to have a blog, if an online user is searching for a plumber and comes across one who has great articles about fixing common plumbing issues or has a Facebook page that is updated even weekly with questions and company updates, this individual may feel more inclined to work with that company than one with no online presence.

“Your online presence is now a precursor to how your customers interact with you,” Jones advises. “By setting yourself up as a resource through helpful blog posts and making it as easy as possible to be found online through local search listings and social media, you are only doing good things.”

Social media has also come to the front-and-center of a solid web presence. For business owners who don’t use social media on a personal basis, it can be difficult to comprehend the concept of spending time and resources on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and similar sites. “However,” says Jones, “even though they may not get it, they have to understand the sheer magnitude of people that do love social media and are on it multiple times each day.”

Social media monitoring and contributing don’t have to be difficult. Simply being on these top social networking sites and updating fairly regularly can have a significant impact on the numbers of new customers finding your company online. “And what’s more, users expect it,” says Jones.

As a final point, Jones sees poor website design as a sales-killer. For example, if a user can’t figure out how to turn off a terrible mobile site, find what they are looking for immediately, close a ton of pop-ups just to read information, and navigate and search a site easily, he or she is going to leave your website. “The online user attention span was 8 seconds in 2012,” Jones points out, “and the average user only reads about 110 words of content before deciding whether to leave or read more.”

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