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Don’t Bore Your Audience Online!

don't bore your audienceBored audiences are not engaged audiences, and disengaged viewers do not translate into paying customers. The need for non-boring content is particularly high online, where the nearest competitor is literally one mouse click away.

In Don’t bore your audience to sleep with drab web content, online news and content agency Brafton advises marketers to “entice, inform, and delight” online – a mantra borrowed from daily deals site LivingSocial (which tells its copywriters to keep those three points in mind when writing).

“It’s a foolproof way to construct engaging web content that balances need-to-know information with colorful language,” writes Brafton’s Christopher Dodge Davis. “This combination carries the reader from one sentence to the next, paragraph by paragraph, without being burdened by dense figures and numbers.”

So how do you turn a drab quarterly report or data-driven article into a creative piece of content for SEO? Here are Dodge Davis’ tips:

  1. Know your audience. First, know that your readers are Internet users, who are, for the most part, as equally distracted as a toddler in a toy store. The entire Internet is at their fingertips, and clicking isn’t hard. One study conducted by traffic analysis firm Chartbeat found that, on average, 38 percent of all readers who landed on a page at bounced immediately. Of those, 5 percent never scrolled down. After a few hundred words, 50 percent of the remaining readers had ditched the article. Keeping this in mind, move on to determine how, exactly, your audience wants to digest the information you feed them.
  1. Equal parts trial, error, and research. Over time, adapting news articles to readers’ demands helps brands organically develop effective content marketing strategies. It does take a little research on the writer’s part to become well versed in industry terms and write authoritatively on a subject, but not as much as you may think. “This makes the content more engaging, but it also gives writers the chance to stick to their keyword strategies,” Dodge Davis writes.
  1. If you’re bored, your readers will be too. Put simply, if you’re bored writing it, readers will likely be bored reading it. Identify one area of a report that is interesting to you and run with it. “Who knows,” says Dodge Davis, who specializes in sustainability and green energy topics, “you may even find that photovoltaics and megawatts can be an exciting read.”

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